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The “Dunamis” Factor


A certified speaker, trainer and coach with The John Maxwell Team, Jessie is challenging today’s youth to rise up and embrace a lifestyle of significance.

Jessie brings warm wit, and humor, and a creative way of looking at what it takes to be a leader in life to the audiences she addresses. She embraces the concept of “Adding Value” to others.

Blogger, leadership coach and a model example of living a life that matters, Jessie’s genuine attitude and caring for others, along with her passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others, is evident in her coaching, speaking and training.

Jessie has already taken transformational leadership training to Guatemala and Africa, and wants to be a catalyst among her peers to raise up a generation of young adult leaders in life who live others-centered lives that truly matter.


Author and in-demand public speaker, John is an ordained minister and founder of TNT Ministries.  He is an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team and a certified Leadership Speaker, Coach and Trainer.

A two-time martial arts Hall of Fame inductee, John has also given over two decades of his life to teaching predator awareness to children, along with rape and assault prevention to teen and adult women in churches, schools and universities in the United States ,Central America, Africa and the Caribbean.  

John brings a warm sense of humor and a quick wit that immediately connects with his audience as he delivers an insightful message that inspires and motivates, while challenging those in attendance to grow and aspire to greatness.

He is passionate about empowering individuals to discover the God-given leadership potential within them and embrace transformational leadership as a lifestyle.  

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