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Cameroon 2017




Bringing the Power of Transformational leadership to the nation of Cameroon, Africa

In November, 2017, TNT founder, John Terry, traveled to Cameroon at the invitation of his friend of 30+ years, Ernest Ehabe.  Ernest Ehabe is the founder of Bread For Life International, a ministry committed to bringing about transformational change in West-Central Africa through sustainable development and leadership training.

The “Leading For Intentionality” conference was intended to respond to a growing need within the churches of Cameroon to equip pastors to identify, equip and empower leaders within their churches to become leaders in life.  

Over four sessions, in three cities, more than 500 pastors were inspired, challenged and taught the importance of being intentional as a leader and how to lead with integrity.

Pastors, church leaders, teachers and business leaders were introduced to leadership as a lifestyle, discovering that leading is something you are, not something you do.  

John and Bread For Life founder Ernest Ehabe were privileged to meet with His Excellency, the Prime Minister, in November 2017.

In a far reaching discussion, lasting more than 90 minutes, we discussed the most under-developed resource in the nation of Cameroon, its people, as well as the ongoing efforts of Bread For Life to bring sustainable development and equip leaders within the nation.

It was apparent from the meeting this man loves his people and his nation, and is passionate about bringing the power of transformational leadership to the nation of Cameroon.  

We also met with officials at the U.S. Embassy to discuss the sustainable agricultural and husbandry projects BFL is doing, and identified resources that may help facilitate an expansion of these training programs.
“You don’t need a title to be a leader.”
(Mark Sanborn)

John’s daughter, Jessie, preceded her dad’s trip to Cameroon in August, 2017 where she worked with special needs children at Ray of Hope Academy in Douala.  Ernest’s youngest son was diagnosed with Autism, which lead the family on a quest to understand this disease and how to respond as a family.  

Jessie Terry working with one of the Ray of
Hope Academy special needs  students.

Africa has few resources to address this growing problem within its borders, leading Bread For Life to launch a pilot program to teach special needs children, as well as equip the parents of these children, to address their unique learning needs.  This has become one of Africa's first private schools for special needs children, Ray of Hope Academy.  

TNT Ministries obtained curriculum for Ray of Hope Academy, which Jessie personally delivered to the staff and teachers in Cameroon.  She also spent time working with the children enrolled in the school, and seeing God perform some amazing things while she was there.   Nonverbal autistic children speaking for the first time, children who because of a disability were unable to walk standing for the first time and seeing the love of God bring peace and tranquility to others.
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